Loving the light

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter, Yeah!  I love it when that happens.  I don’t do dark at 4:30pm very well.  The evening takes forever and I want to go to bed at 8pm.

Now that’s it’s light out past 5pm I feel better, but there are still enough lights on in my house to brighten every corner just a little bit.

Soon it will February 2nd, yes Ground Hog Day on the regular calendar.  But also a witches holy day and the day that the light is noticeably longer, even to people that don’t pay much attention to that kind of thing.


Do you have a Fairy Godmother?

This is a question my 5-year-old granddaughter asked me last week.  It’s not because she watches a lot of Cinderella or Sofia, it just the kind of question she asks.

What was my answer, yes I do and more than one.   I don’t know if I would actually use the words Fairy Godmother, but close enough.  At least two were real Grandmothers, long since passed on, but I feel them with me still.  I draw from their knowledge and the things they taught me.  To me, that qualifies as a Fairy Godmother.

The follow-up question was “what does a Fairy Godmother do?”  My answer, they help to guide me.  And question number 3 was “what is guide?”  My answer, they show me what to do when I get stuck.

Oh, okay.

Do you have a Fairy Godmother, or something close to one?

Easter, A Pagan Holiday

It’s true, just like Christmas, Easter is a Pagan holiday taken straight from the pages of all those people that were supposed to be heathens.baby-chicks1

The two things that symbolize Easter for most people, the baby bunny and the baby chicken are Pagan signs of life following death each spring.  Does that story sound familar?  freebunnies

Not that we shouldn’t have a holiday each spring.  Spring is a glorious time.  The earth is coming back to life after it’s long winter sleep.  Flowers, trees and bushes all begin to bloom and bear their fruit.  Grasses and other plants push through the damp soil.  And new baby animals are everywhere.

Yes, we should celebrate.  We should just be truthfull about what we are celebrating.

What is a Pagan???

The simple definition of a pagan is a country person.  That’s also one of the oldest definitions.  In centuries past the country people were less educated.  The new Christan faith regarded pagans (or country people) as heathens because they would not give up their old ideas and rites. 


As uneducated as they were thought to be, they understood the cycles of the moon.  Using these cycles, they knew when to plant and when to harvest.  If they lived by large bodies of water they understood how the moon effected the tides and when the best times to fish were.

They understood the power of fire.  Not only to heat and cook and light the night sky, but how it could be used to place someone your self in a trance.  They read the future in the flames and the ashes.

They knew that the sun, like water was a life giving force.  They needed the summer sun for crops to grow.  They mourned it’s shortened days of winter and praised the longer days of summer.

The idea, that pagan’s were uneducated is far from true.  They may have been country people, but they knew and understood a lot about nature.

And all has not been lost.  Many are returning to the pagan ways of nature.  We are watching nature and looking for the clues that are left for us.  We still use the moon to plant and harvest by.  We are relearning the ways of using plants for medicine and cures.  We will carry on the old ways.

She Always Has The Last Laugh

mothernatureThe calender may say April 4, but the winds are howling and the snow is blowing. 

I waited all winter for the snow and it never came.  I gave up and hoped for rains for my poor parched gardens.  The sun shone brightly all through March. 

I worried more about my gardens this spring.  I knew they weren’t getting the live giving moisture.  In my mind I began to scale back the gardens in order to conserve water. 

And then it came, the snow.  Heavy wet snow.  Twelve inches or more the last week week of March.  And now more.  Rain first, it was too warm to snow.  But snow during the night.  It’s as cold and windy as February this morning. 

The seedlings are tucked away in their little greenhouses trying to stay warm, trying to find some sun shine.  The ground is thirsty for the rain and the snow.  You can almost see it turn green as the snow retreats.  The day lilies and tulips are shivering close to the ground.  But they both give hope with their bright green leaves. 

Just when I had about given up hope Mother Nature sent the life giving snow and rain.  She had not forgotten us.  She was only reminding us that she works on her own schedule, not on ours.  The calender may say April, but Mother Nature has turned back time to the middle of winter.  If even for a single day.

Mental Health Day

10118513bcoffee-break-i-postersIt’s Monday morning at about 8:30am and I’m still in my PJ’s drinking coffee instead of being at work.

This is great!!!  I have not had three days off in a row since the first part of November.  And it’s even better since I’m on call on the weekends.

Not only is today great, but all weekend was.  Knowing I had the extra day, I didn’t go through Saturday and Sunday in a whirlwind trying to get everything done.  I enjoyed a much slower pace.

And there is nothing that I have to do today.  There is a lot I can pick to do, but for now I’m just enjoying my coffee, the snow falling outside and the thought of a full day of nothing in front of me.

Green, Garden, or Hedge

herbalremediesWhat do the three names, green, garden and hedge all have in common?  Give up?  They are three names for the same kind of witch.  The kind of witch that I am.  I prefer garden witch myself.

So what is a garden witch?  One that gets most of their magic from their gardens and the rest of nature.  Some say we use our magic to help or gardens grow. 

But is it magic, or just forgotten wisdom?  Some of both I think.  Garden witches use the wisdom passed down to them from past generations.  We know the power of plants, roots and herbs to heal the mind, body and soul. 

Most of the magic is being able to stay true to our knowledge.  We know when to shut out the modern world and rely on what mother nature has provided all with, peace and beauty beyond imagination.

That’s too sad

writing_pull2About a week and a half ago I read a blog survey asking the question “Would you blog if it cost?”  The amount was a penny a word and from the comments I read the answer was a resounding no.  With  further explanations of what the people had to say wasn’t important enough to pay for it.

To me, that’s too sad for two reasons. 

One, are people just blogging for the sake of blogging?  Are they on purpose just adding to the junk already floating around the Internet.

Two, do people really think what they have to say (or write) isn’t worth paying, that it doesn’t have meaning and importance to friends, family or anyone?

I admit, in the past I have been guilty of blogging just for the sake of blogging.  So, I’m going to tone it down and back a little.  I’ll blog less, and try to make sure what I  have to say has some substance.  Maybe not for everyone out there, but for people that think like me and have some of the same values.

How did we get here???

When was the last time you wrote a letter or sent a card with more than your named signed?  For most of the human population it’s probably been a while.  Yet we sit here day after day and night after night sending our most intimate thoughts to strangers.  So I ask how did we get here???

And I offer a challenge.  Right now put down the lap top or push away from the desk top and write a letter to Grandma, or mom, or old aunt Hazel or your best friend from high school.stationaryroundup2wr  That’s correct, I said write a letter.  Not post a blog, send a text or even make a phone call.  Trust me the receiver of the letter will appreciate it more than any “send to all” email or text.

How do I know?  I have a grandma in assisted living.  My last living grandparent and I send her a letter about every month.  She has 9 grandchildren and god only knows how many great grandchildren that can write, but I’m the only one that sends card and letters on a regular basis.

How do I know, my aunt told me so.  She also told me that she keeps them out for a couple of weeks and re-reads them often.  It made me glad to know that.  It also pissed me off that I’m the only one that does it.

So move away from the computer, pick up a pen and make somebodies day.

Truth In Advertising

Or in blog titles.  My last blog title was GAME TIME, it got 95 hits, more hits than the site usually gets in a week.  Were all those people looking for free or cheap things (which is the game in game time)???  Probably not.  I bet they were looking for some computer game.

computer-gamesoctober-2005 So was my blog title untruthful???  Not to me, especially since my tags didn’t mention anything about computer games or board games.

So what’s my point???  There isn’t one really, other than you can’t judge a book by it’s title or a blog by it’s title.

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